These principles are the R4 roadmap. They guide the work we take on and how we execute.

Job-seekers, workers, and businesses should be of equal priority to the workforce system. Quality jobs matter as much as qualified job-seekers. We will consider each of these stakeholders in each of our projects.

Collaboration is inherently valuable. Collaborative learning, idea generation, and support from partners is worth extra effort. We will default to collaborative approaches.

Racial equity shouldn’t be an ‘add-on’ consideration. Workforce programs or policies are delivering different outcomes by race, this must change. We will raise and push racial equity across our projects.

Innovation matters. New ideas, new program structures, new policies, and new leaders are the future of workforce and talent development. We will strive to innovate and build the field.

Missteps offer opportunity for growth. Workforce and talent development strategies are constantly growing and evolving. We are too. We acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

Tough communication can move work forward. Challenging conversations are essential to authentic relationship building. We will engage in difficult conversations with respect and an open mind.