R4 has driven results for a variety of projects and clients. We specialize in collaborative projects that cross stakeholder groups and have ‘system change’ goals.

Projects include:

  1. WorkAdvance: 5-year demonstration project evaluated by MDRC
  2. Manufacturing Readiness: Integration of WorkAdvance into other Mahoning Valley manufacturing workforce initiatives
  3. TalentNEO: regional skills-based hiring pilot in Northeast Ohio
  4. Generation Work: Annie E. Casey system change project targeting young adults
  5. Manufacturing Readiness LIFT Replication: replication of Manufacturing Readiness in Mansfield, Columbus, and Cincinnati

Clients include:

  1. Towards Employment
  2. Thomas P. Miller & Associates
  3. DigitalC
  4. Lorain County Community College
  5. The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland
  6. WIRE-Net
  7. Ohio Poverty Law Center